Ir Daniel M. Cheng, MH, JP
Ir Cheng is the Managing Director of Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd., with areas of business ranging from the design and installation of advanced vibrating membrane systems for used oil recycling and waster and wastewater treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse systems, recycling of spent oil by distillation, chemical waste handling, disposal and site remediation, blending and marketing of lubricating oil products, to the provision of oil analysis service, and formulated resins and high performance seamless epoxy flooring manufacturing within the Dunwell group.

It was due to Ir Cheng's commitment and success of the environmental business that he was awarded Medal of Honour by the Hong Kong SAR Government (2007), and selected as winner of Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Industrial Engineers Award in 1999, Innovative Entrepreneur of 1996 and The Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong 1995.
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Mr. Wong Lok-tak , Luther
Mr. Wong Lok-tak was born in Hong Kong in 1961. He completed the Diploma and Advanced Certificate in Chemical Technology from The Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute in 1981, and awarded Associate Fellow from the Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries in 1998. He worked for US Rohm and Haas (Asia) Electronic Materials Co. Ltd. for eighteen years after graduation. In 1995, Mr. Wong served as the CEO in Pacific Asia region and managed over HK$ 2 billion turnover in specialty chemical additives business, production plants, technical service centres and research operation institutes located in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. In 2002, Mr. Wong and his European partners founded the C&G Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. The company provides design, production, installation and operation of pure water, waste water recycling and treatment, energy-saving system for industries such as circuit board, semiconductor, electronics, metals, automotive and metal plating. In 2003, the company awarded the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Engineering qualification by the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Bureau. Today factories with engineering and service offices are setup in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xian, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Over 200 different environmental projects were completed within few years, and municipal projects were launched in China starting from 2007.
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Lo Yiu-chuen
Mr Lo serves as the Chairman of the Hong Kong General Association of Recycling Business, Sub-committee Conveyor of FHKI’s Group 26 (Environmental Industries), Member of the Working Group of Recycling Industry of Environment Protection Department and Member of the Hong Kong Waste Disposal Industry Association.
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Victor C. Li
Victor C. Li is currently the Business Development Director of Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd, one of the pioneering environmental management and technology providers in Hong Kong.

Mr Li has over 20 years experience in environmental & waste management fields and substantial experience in introducing and lining up overseas environmental technologies for Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China. He oversees the Hong Kong operation of various chemical waste management programs, remediation and cleanup, one stop recycling services and energy saving for clients including HKSAR government, major utility companies, property management sectors, transportation companies, etc. Mr Li has been actively advising various environmental companies from Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific on the latest technological development and market dynamics and presenting in many overseas conferences and occasions.

Graduated with Bachelor of Engineering at Dalhousie University, Canada, Mr Li also holds a Master of Philosophy degree of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

Mr. Li is also serving as Immediate Past Chairman for Hong Kong Waste Management Association, Fellow member for Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance, Member for HKSAR’s Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) Research Projects Vetting Subcommittee (RPVS) and Member for Advisory Group of Climate Change Business Forum of Business Environment Council.

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Jude Chow
Mr. Jude Chow, the Group Managing Director of Associated Engineers, Limited. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and went on to obtain his Master Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Technology and an Executive Master Degree in Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is currently a candidate of Doctor of Business Administration at City University of Hong Kong.

Jude has extensive experience in multiple platforms of engineering projects prior to joining AEL. After joining AEL Jude has lead the company to a sustainable growth from with internal and external initiative. His accomplishments include actively developing waste related business for technology co-operation and development as well as two major restructuring to streamline the internal operation from a functional setup to individual business unit. He is now working with partners from Europe to build waste to energy solution that do not requirement incineration. He actively drives research and development in environmental technology as well as adoption of IOT into the current products.

Jude also serves as the Chairman of HKWMA, Vice Chairman of FHKI’s Group 26 Environmental Industries, Chairman of CityU DBA Community, Vice President of HKEnvIA, Vice Convener and Committee Member of HKGSA, Committee Member of CAUES, Member of Engineers Australia and Project Management Committee of HK Government Cleaner Production Partnership Program.

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Dominic Yin
Mr Yin started concentrating on environmental protection and sustainable development projects and businesses in mainland China six years ago. He founded three environmental protection companies - EPPA Enterprises Ltd, Greater China Environmental Protection Ltd, and Hong Kong EESCO Ltd.

Apart from business development, Mr Yin has been participating in all kinds of volunteer social activities based on his creative thinking and straightforward character to promote industrial and community development, including his roles as the President of Hong Kong Island Junior Chamber of Commerce, General Committee Member of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Director of Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers’ Association, Director of Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, General Committee Member of Federation of Taiwan Industries, Chairman of Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute, Chief Supervisor of Taiwan Hand Tools Association, Advisor of Taiwan Steel Alliance, etc.
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Joe Ng
Mr Ng setup California Air Ltd in 1987 and is the Managing Director of the company. He is also the Managing Director of Northern Light Ltd, which focuses on lighting products.

Mr Ng has 10 years' solid experience as a solutions provider and consultant in controlling indoor air pollutants. He also has over 20 years’ experience in air purification products and services and three years' experience in energy management solutions. He has undertaken a considerable number of medium- and large-scale projects related to air pollutants and energy management.

Mr Ng has been a member of many organisations involved in the environmental industry such as FHKI (Group 26 Environmental Industries), Business Environment Council, Green Council, Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association, Hong Kong Waste Management Association, Hong Kong & Kowloon Electrical Appliances Merchants Association Ltd etc.
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